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Ibiza Fènix is supported by:

Designed to allow everyone to participate in the

positive evolution of the place they live.
The Ibiza Fènix ‘Social Empowerment Initiative’ is an invitation to

co-create a world in which we all want to belong!


Evolving from 23 years of experience in the eco-community and model ecological centre Casita Verde, Ibiza Fènix is a newly formed association registered with the Balearic Government  is now comprised of 14 branches, or interconnected Non Profit Organizations, covering the many aspects of local community life.

By inviting potential 'Game Changers', we encourage the island residents to participate and move together towards a commonly agreed direction.


Our mission is to connect visionary brains and hearts... creating value and equal opportunities leading to positive change, while having great fun!


This is your opportunity for presenting innovative ideas, networking, getting inspired, researching, supporting initiatives and having the possibility to share cutting edge technologies and smart proposals.


We can only succeed with this social metamorphosis by transforming everything which causes the degradation of natural resources and social values, the loss of biodiversity and the unnecessary destruction of the natural environment, into a positive and regenerative movement.

The main purpose of the movement therefore, is to connect people according to their natural talents, expertise and interests,  consequently establishing a solid network of contacts, projects, and funding opportunities.



The tragic and crucial emergencies going on in our world today, has brought us all to talk, share ideas and realize that we have many common views and objectives.


Through regular meetings, selection of valuable projects and forming work-teams, we facilitate a totally new and horizontal development plan, to secure the resilience of our island, and in this way help to promote a more promising future for our planet.



Get to know our branch(es) and according to your interests, talents &/or expertise, participate, join, support &/or ask for more information


your skills

We all have skills, talents and passions. Let us know which branch/project inspires you and how would you like to participate in making it reality.

Connect and get to know more about the topic(s) of your interest.

To network with our 'Game Changer' community of people with similar interest and values.

To make projects into reality

By working together our actions have a greater impact.

Get to know our projects and support them in whichever way you prefer.

If you have an idea for a project, please contact us.


With its unique headquarters on the beautiful Spanish Mediterranean Island of Ibiza and with an exponentially growing community, expanding media coverage, expertise and exciting calendar of events, the Fènix is the perfect platform to promote positive action and



Together we will help make the unique island of Ibiza into

'A showcase for advanced, smart and ecological thinking, as well as a successful example of Responsible Tourism'.

The Ibiza Fènix initiative can then be exported to other tourist destinations which have also suffered as a result of using a non sustainable life support model.


We've chosen to use the 'Carob tree' as the symbol for our new ‘Ibiza Fènix project’, since the carob tree joins cosmic energy with Earth energy, it's always green and it's always working (it's either in fruit or in flower all the time).


If a branch falls down, it usually gets up again. It can survive extreme drought conditions, due to its extensive root system and also has deep connections with traditional local culture. The tree is self fertilizing and it produces a delicious fruit, which can sustain a person’s life and therefore provide a great potential for economic prosperity!

Both the 'Carob tree' and the ‘Ibiza Fènix project’ have very similar qualities, which seem ideal for a successful and permanent Social Leadership initiative. They are:

  • In harmony with natural energy and resources

  • Ecologically biased and permanently active

  • Resilient and connected to local cultural traditions

  • Producing life sustaining fruits, which can lead to social and economic prosperity



Industrial Hemp in Ibiza

The introduction of industrial hemp in Ibiza, will add a wonderful new product to the growing selection of local super-food products which are now available in Ibiza, including Almonds, Carob and Aloe Vera.

Local & Vegan Recipe Book

Roberto Vegano, Casita Verde's chef, develops healthy and delicious recipes inpired in the beautiful landscape of Ibiza and its products.

Sustainable Carob Industry


Aiming to investigate, create and market a range of products, including toasted syrups, various drinks, energy bars, puddings, cakes and alcoholic beverages using locally grown organic Carob from selected farms in Ibiza.

Local Products Shelf

The Local Product Shelf brings Ibizan products with all their soul and story behind.

From the collecting to the cooking and production process, by buying local you'll support the island's economy and its people.



Connect and get to know more about

Ibiza Fènix &/or the topic(s) of your interest.